Goddess Emily Jones
Blackmail - Do you dare to play?
Blackmail - Do you dare to play?

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Hello slaveboy!
It's time fot a little game again... a Blackmail-Fantasy-game - and even one of my favorites...
The term alone gets you excited again, doesn't it? My games are always so much fun! The rules are very simple... I will be teasing you... a lot... and you are not allowed to touch yourself - except for when you follow the rules!
But I will go easy on you tonight, you will even get a few options to choose from. Very kind of me, isn't it?
Don't you celebrate to early, slaveboy! You will need to behave yourself, even if you will by d.ying to do so... If you fail, I will get all the precious little information I want!
Sounds fun? Of course it does... Don't keep me waiting!