Goddess Emily Jones
Be my wallet! Any place, any time!
Be my wallet! Any place, any time!

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My lifestyle, my spirit, the world I live in.. All this is absolutely out of your reach and above your league, slave. But these fruits are always the sweetest, aren't they? Hard, almost impossible to get, especially from your perspective...
But it's your lucky day! There is a way to become an important part of my world. A very simple one. It's called: Money!
Always in touch with me, always up to date and always in the best position to spoil and worship your Queen!
Paying my bills, providing for so many of my dreams and wishes will become your absolute focus in life. Pressure not to disappoint and so much pleasure when you can make me proud.
Wouldn't you just love to become an essential and indispensable accessory in my purse?
The most exquisite spot there is for a slave!