Goddess Emily Jones
Aroma - You are meant to please!
Aroma - You are meant to please!

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Another evening in front of your computer - alone - on a saturday night...
You simply know that dating women is not for you, you are not made for this. Could you even talk to me on a date?
I bet you don't even know since you never had the chance to date a women of my league, am I right?
Of course I am... but let's guess what would happen...
You'd be sweating, stuttering and so nervous, that you could not even perform even if hell froze and you'd get a chance with me...
You are meant to please in other ways.... and you know what I am talking about...
Despite all your weaknesses and inadequacies, you know how to please a woman, espeically a woman like me. You know you are below me and the thought of pleasing me alone already excites you in a way that sex never could. Something you can rely on, something that always works - that's why you have learned to love it.
It's time to give in to what you desire the most... Please me!