Goddess Emily Jones
Aroma & Blackmail - A fatal Combination!
Aroma & Blackmail - A fatal Combination!

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Today you will be confronted by two of my most favorite and dangerous tools of torment:
Aroma & Blackmail
I know they both excite you... They both not only encourage obedience, they demand it and that's exactly what I am about to do as well.
But I will go relatively easy on you in this clip, you may relax. I will not want anything from you, that could really get you in trouble - but enough to know some little weaknesses of yours to exploit a bit further.
Are you excited already? You should be... The aroma will serve it's purpose, I am sure of that. You will receive very detailed instructions on how often and how long you will be inhaling that sweet substance that you love so much.
I will tease you endlessly to get all the information I want! Resistance is futile, I am absolutely sure about that. I get what I want. Always! You will be no exception!