Goddess Emily Jones
Aroma - A Date with the Devil
Aroma - A Date with the Devil

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You know I am dangerous - especially in combination with Aroma and twisted plans for you in mind. But I also know that is exactly what turns you on so much, isn't it?
Remember in what states of mind I've already put you in, how weak you might already have become for me? And what I've already made you do for me?
Of course you remember... and your little cock down there also starts itching when you're thinking about them.
But isn't this exactly what you are looking for? Hasn't everything else already become so normal, so boring and vanilla that you even need this rush to feel excitement again?
Of course you do - and of course I know.
I am the one that loves the escalation just as much as you do. Your weakness is my power, slaveboy! Resistance is futile.